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NEW CSA Standards

New CSA Standards

This past winter the government approved a number of miscellaneous regulatory changes that took effect on July 1, 2016.  This included a change that amended the Construction Projects Regulations to now reference the new CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z259.2.5-12.  This standard requires different vertical lifelines, rope grabs, and lanyards than most companies currently use in Ontario.  Unfortunately, there has been no communication to the construction or scaffolding industries to advise them about this change and provide an appropriate phase-in period for this new regulation.

The SIAC is aware of the importance of this issue and has been tracking it closely. This month SIAC representatives had a meeting and several discussions with officials from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) to find a resolution.

The SIAC places the safety of its Members' employees and all Ontarians as its utmost priority and supports the new regulation as a further step to improving safety standards in the construction and scaffolding industry. While we welcome this new regulation, we explained to the MOL that the result of this change is that virtually all vertical lifelines and lanyards currently being used today on construction sites throughout Ontario are now out of compliance. 

We have recommended the Ministry implement an information campaign to inform companies about this change, and also provide a transition period, during which time companies would be allowed to use vertical lifelines that do not have manufactured terminations or certification labels, but otherwise comply with the new CAN/CSA Z259.2.5-12 Standard.

You can find a letter SIAC President Roger Marsland sent on this issue by clicking HERE.